Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Turning Japanese/ I think I'm turning Japanese.

It's a mad habit, but I love it -- the process of finding a lyric in my head that works as a title to a post. Often cracks me up (yes, I'm as easily amused as I am daft). And sometimes -- like just now -- it takes me back to a random time and place that I thought I'd completely forgotten about.

'Turning Japanese', the 80s pop hit by The Vapors, whose chorus is the title to this post takes me back to my early college days. Back when Adam Curry was on MTV, and I used to watch the previous month's (year's?) Top of the Pops on video. Yes, video!

The 80s did nothing much for me musically, besides hardwire some of the worst lyrics in creation into my head. Very, very scary. Especially with this retro thing people have going these days. Really, really bad pop singles that I thought had sunk into oblivion two decades ago are now scarily making their reappearance. (Don't believe me? 'Turning Japanese' is on the Charlies' Angels soundtrack.)

It's a particularly funny lyric (to my twisted mind, at least), since this post has nothing to do with my actually turning slitty-eyed and Lost in Translation. All I needed was a title to a link to an oldish Murakami interview I just came by.

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