Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wise men say/ Only fools rush in.

I read a lot. And I SMS (or text, if you prefer) quite a bit. But I'm far from ready for the crazy notion of compressing books into snappy shorthand text messages.

Call me old-fashioned. (Hell, just call me anyway.)


that girl in pink said...

what the hell? this is the stupidest thing i ever heard of! wish i had prof sutherland's mobile no...then i'd send him a msg that read "Dmbass,GetALife"

sinusoidally said...

Which is I am not very attracted to palm pilots...some of my colleagues read every book (300 pages and over) from in there!

Lady Writer said...

It's quite bizarre. I mean, so much of the pleasure of reading comes from the books themselves. Opening a brand new book, turning crisp page after page. Picking up a dog-eared favourite, to reread after years. Even running across a forgotten bookmark halfway through a book, reminding you that someone had attempted it before and lost their way.

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